Local Volunteers needed to host top cyclists from around the country and around the world who will be competing in the Intelligentsia Cup. This unique opportunity offers you the chance to get to know the country’s top riders and get a peek behind the scenes of the racing lifestyle. Lifelong friendships are often formed.

Hosting riders in individual homes is a huge factor in recruiting teams. Invite your neighbors too. They can help by providing housing so that entire teams can stay in the same geographical area (ideal situation). Please pass this information on to your friends, family and co-workers.

  • A comfortable sleeping space, bed or air bed
  • The use of a bathroom and shower
  • Use of kitchen to prepare meals
  • Counter and refrigerator
  • Use of your washer and dryer
  • A secure place for the cyclist(s) to store their bicycle at night

Note: You are NOT expected to provide food or transportation.

No. They are looking for a place to sleep at night. If you’re willing to let them use your home during the day, that would be nice, but it isn’t required. However, due to the race schedules and some remote locations they will most likely arrive home past 10:00pm. They can let themselves in if you don’t want to wait up for them.

No. Host often invite riders for a meal but it is not expected. They will need the use of the kitchen (they will clean up after themselves). They will need the use of your refrigerator and counter space. Some may ask permission to use your washer and dryer.


No. Riders stay in many different homes and they would like to be invited back. They know how to be good guests.

  • How many riders you would be able to host
  • If a male or female team is preferred, if applicable
  • Any pets that live in the house
  • How many nights your home will be available to the team
  • Any other pertinent information