1. Media Registration:

   a. All members of the media must register in advance to attend the event.

   b. Media registration can be done by submitting this form, or through designated media contacts.

   c. Because this is a 10-day series, media may register during the entirety of the 10-day series. 

2. Press Passes:

   a. Approved media representatives must register in order to receive a press pass, which can be picked up at our registration tent. Pass must be turned in at the end of the series on July 28. Pass will be a lanyard, which must be worn at all times during the event.

   b. Press passes are non-transferable and should not be shared with individuals who are not authorized to attend.

   c. Lost or stolen press passes must be reported immediately to the event organizers.

3. Access to Event Areas:

   a. Media representatives will be provided access to designated areas of the event, as specified by the event organizers.

   b. Certain areas may be restricted, and access will be granted only with explicit permission.

 c. Please follow instructions from event staff and security personnel regarding access to different areas.

4. Photography and Videography:

   a. Photographs and videos may be taken during the event for news reporting purposes.

   b. Flash photography or any disruptive use of camera equipment should be avoided during speeches, presentations, or performances.

   c. Special permission will be granted to the official Chicago Grit race photographer, Ethan Glading. 

5. Interviews and Quotes:

   a. Interviews with event speakers, performers, or attendees should be conducted respectfully and with prior consent.

   b. Direct quotes and attributions should be accurate and properly attributed to the respective individuals.

   c. Event organizers may provide a list of designated spokespersons or media contacts for interviews or statements.

6. Embargoed Information:

   a. In some cases, embargoed information or exclusive news releases may be provided to registered media representatives.

   b. Respect any embargoes and do not publish or share embargoed information until the specified date and time.

7. Social Media and Online Coverage:

   a. Media representatives are encouraged to share updates and highlights from the event on social media platforms, using the event’s designated hashtags: #biggritenergy #getgritty #chicagogrit #bigcritenergy,   if applicable.

   b. Please remember to accurately represent the event and its participants in online coverage and adhere to ethical reporting standards.

8. Press Conferences and Briefings:

   a. Press conferences and briefings may be scheduled during the event, and details will be communicated to registered media representatives.

   b. Attendance at press conferences or briefings may be subject to availability and prior registration.

9. Event Contact Information:

    a. For any queries or assistance related to the event, please contact the designated media liaison or spokesperson:

       – Name: Bekah Collins

       – Title: Marketing Director 

       – Phone: 520-481-1184

       – Email: 
Note: These press guidelines are subject to change and may be updated or modified by the event organizers. Registered media representatives will be notified of any changes.