Sponsoring Chicago Grit gives you a wonderful opportunity to reach a captive audience of thousands of cyclists and spectators who celebrate an active, healthy lifestyle. Unique sponsorship and activation opportunities include official designations, category exclusivity, product demos, print inclusion, signage, media support, sampling, web links, P.A. announcements, lead generation and more!

Sponsoring Chicago Grit offers unparalleled exposure to a diverse and engaged audience, both local and national. As the largest criterium series in America, your brand will be associated with community engagement, healthy lifestyles, and thrilling sports action. You’ll gain visibility through multiple channels, including event branding, social media, and live event days, boosting brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Chicago Grit attracts a wide audience spanning avid cycling enthusiasts, families, local community members, and sports fans from across the country. This diverse demographic includes a range of ages and interests, offering sponsors a unique opportunity to target specific markets or appeal broadly to a large, engaged community.You may view our Marketing Report to learn more about our riders and our engagement.

We offer a variety of sponsorship packages tailored to meet different goals and budgets. Opportunities include your brand’s presence on race jerseys, banners at the event, mentions in all our digital content and social media platforms, and the option to have branded booths at race venues for direct audience engagement.

Absolutely! Beyond brand visibility, sponsoring Chicago Grit allows for direct consumer engagement through interactive experiences at the event, such as product demonstrations, samples, and branded activations. It’s a perfect setting to showcase your products or services to an attentive audience in a dynamic, festive environment.

Sponsoring a community-centric event like Chicago Grit underscores your company’s commitment to supporting healthy lifestyles, community engagement, and local economic development. It enhances your corporate social responsibility profile and builds a positive brand image by aligning with values that matter to your customers and the community.

Chicago Grit is committed to sustainability and social responsibility, implementing eco-friendly practices and promoting cycling as a sustainable mode of transportation. Sponsors supporting these initiatives can highlight their own commitment to these values, enhancing brand reputation and resonating with environmentally and socially conscious consumers.

Getting involved is easy! Simply contact our sponsorship team via our website or email. We’ll discuss your goals, introduce you to our sponsorship packages, and tailor an engagement that maximizes your brand’s impact at Chicago Grit. From there, we’ll guide you through every step to ensure a successful partnership. We work really hard to tailor our proposals and deliverables to meet your needs – whatever they may be.